Monday, April 13, 2015

Now and Then

Kimia: Albert Sidney Johnston Memorial, Metairie Cemetery:

Original photo (probably around 1900)


Ellie: Uptown home on Maple Street in the early 1950s. 

Emma B. Rampart and Bienville

These are not actually the same property! But it shows how confusing it can be. Pay attention to the windows at the roofline. Here is the property Emma photographed in the Vieux Carre Digital Survey:

So what happened to the building from 1940? Well, it is actually 300-306 Rampart, where the building above is 308-312 Rampart. You can see the Dog House Saloon here from around the same time. A cab is still parked in front!

Matt K. Christ Church, St. Charles Avenue: As it looked in 1890: 

Also - Roya, Christ Church - but from a different photo!
Allison, Circa 1910: 

Connor: Newcomb Hall, Tulane 

Israh: Pirate's Alley

Sara: Lalaurie Mansion, Hospital and Royal (Gov. Nicholls). 

Note: this was once owned by Nicholas Cage.

Cherie: Confederate memorial, Greenwood Cemetery:
Circa 1890: 

Sam: First Presbyterian on Claiborne Ave, 1950:

Colby: The Liberty Monument: 

Also (for what it is worth) in 1910:

Paul: Gibson Hall, Tulane: 
In 1906:

McGhee before it was McGhee School in 1946:

Prytania and First (a new house on an old lot.) What happened to the old house? They often burned.

St. Charles & St. Andrew, 1951:

Fionn: St. Louis #1: 1890 to the present.

What makes this difficult to replicate?

Caleb:  Monkey Hill

Jackie: Campbell Mansion, Julia & St. Charles circa 1951:

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